JUNIOR TRI / DUATHLON (ages 9-15 years)

We have team and individual options available

SWIM 150m or RUN 1km

The swim will be either a triangular course from the beach or an open triangle from the boat ramp depending on sea conditions.

The 1st run will be 1 lap up and down the promenade starting from the swim exit steps.

trasnition map 2019 v2.jpg

BIKE 9km

Course description. Ride up to Colenso then complete 3 anti clockwise laps of the "triangle" course.

  • Right out of transition on Heberden

  • Right into Nayland

  • Left Head St

  • Right into Colenso

  • 3 laps

    • Along Colenso

    • left into Wakefield

    • left into Heberden (over a small hill) - this road is narrow

    • left into Colenso

  • After completing 3 laps of the above "triangle"

  • Right into Head St (you must give way to traffic when turning right)

  • Right into Nayland turns left into Heberden

  • Left into transition

Link to course map www.ridewithgps.com/routes/19024545



transition (T2) map 2019 junior.jpg


RUN 2km

The run leg is 2 laps on the prominade to make up the 2km