Team & Individual options available

SWIM 150m or RUN 1km

The swim will be either a triangular course from the beach or an open triangle from the boat ramp depending on sea conditions.

The 1st run will be up 500m and down the promenade for the 1km total

BIKE 9km

Course description. Ride up to Colenso then complete 3 anti clockwise laps of the "triangle" course.

  • Right out of transition on Heberden
  • Right into Nayland
  • Left Head St 
  • Right into Colenso
  • 3 laps 
    • Along Colenso
    • left into Wakefield
    • left into Heberden (over a small hill) - this road is narrow
    • left into Colenso
  • After completing 3 laps of the above "triangle"
  • Right into Head St (you must give way to traffic when turning right)
  • Right into Nayland turns left into Heberden
  • Left into transition

Link to course map


RUN 2km

The run is two laps up and down the esplanade. Refer to the map below